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The Perchak Report – December 2015

The Perchak Report:

Today is December 1st and we would like to wish all of our friends and clients a
Happy Holiday season. Here at Perchak Properties we truly value our relationships
with our owners and tenants. Our office staff and vendors strive to fulfill our owners
and tenants expectations on a continuing basis.
Rental Market Update:
The East Bay rental market remains strong and has done so throughout the year. Well
priced and well maintained properties are generally renting within a couple of weeks of
being introduced to the market.
Geo Political Update:
The uncertainty in the Middle East and recent events in Europe have roiled the markets
around the world. Oil is down and the global economy seems very sluggish. The US stock
market has been flat and will probably be so for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the holiday
season will be uneventful. It’s a great time for reflection and positive thoughts on how the
world community can come together and try to make this a better world to live in.
Property Management Tip:
If you are a tenant on an expired leased and want to move from the property, 30 days notice
to vacate is required. If you are an owner on an expired lease and want the tenant to move,
60 days notice to vacate is required.
Perchak Property Management Hotline:
If you are an owner or a tenant and have a property management question we would be happy to try and assist
you. You are welcome to email me at or call me at 925-831-8970. Usually I can
answer your question, if not, I can check with my attorney and get back to you right away.
Perchak Property Management Seminar:
December 9, 2015, we will be hosting a property management seminar for realtors and investors
at Round Table Pizza in Alamo. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Complimentary pizza and soft drinks
will be provided. Please RSVP if you would like to attend. Space is limited. Bring your questions.
All the best,
Perchak Properties

John R. Perchak

O: 925-831-8970
3239 Danville Blvd. Suite. E
Alamo, CA. 94507
St. Vincent College
Class 1969
Bachelor of Arts – Sociology
BRE# 00463347

The Perchak Report – April 2015

The Perchak Report
April 2, 2015
The year is moving along rapidly it seems. The rental market remains very strong.
Rents continue to rise throughout the East Bay and inventories of rentals remains
low. This trend has continued for several years now and no end seems in sight.
In regards to the sales market, I am having a deja vu experience back to circa 2007.
The market in the Bay Area is really hot for good properties. Multiple offers, buyers
paying well over asking price. Now, the latest is “stated loans” are reemerging. Does
this sound familiar? I see a serious bubble forming again and I think we are going to
hit the wall again at some point. I don’t know when, but I’m thinking the next twelve
months or so. Stay tuned for the ride, it’s going to get bumpy. Cash will be king once
The stock market in general is holding up but it seems to fluctuate between up and
down each week. There is a lot of uneasiness in the market with oil being down, the
geo-political climate around the world being unsteady and the European economy on
shaky ground, especially the Greek drama with the European Union ie. Germany. As
you know, the stock market does not like uncertainty, thus the up one day down the
next, many times in triple digits, which is not healthy.
In summation, the rest of the year should be interesting. Hold on for the ride. Be kind
to your neighbor, try to do something good each day and help your fellow man.
Happy Easter

Perchak Report – September 2014

Seems like summer came and went really quickly. As we enter the fall season the real estate sales market has slowed considerably. I’m seeing more price reductions, longer market time and quite a few expired listings coming out weekly. I don’t see a draconian drop in home prices, however, I do see a slowing of the market which is probably healthy because the market was overheated with crazy offers over asking price etc.. which usually portends a bubble and instead of bursting this time it just seems to be correcting without the bust.

Rental market is still pretty strong. However, the property has to be priced right and in good rentable condition. It will probably slow done a bit during the holidays but should be solid until then.

Tip Of The Month:
Check to make sure your smoke detectors are operational as well as the carbon monoxide detector which is now required by law to be in all units. Also, good idea to change your furnace filters at least quarterly to save on your PG&E bill.

The Perchak Report – July 2014

Wow, here we are mid year already. Both the stock market and the real estate market here in the Bay Area have been very solid to date. The stock market continues to set new highs and seems to be trending upward. In lieu of some Geo-political disaster affecting the market the trend seems positive. As far as the real estate sales market I sense the opposite happening here in the East Bay. In my opinion, the sales market is slowing. Market times for sales are increasing and I am seeing some price reduction ads now. Frankly, I think that is a good thing. The market was overheating quite a bit which is not good. I feel we are getting back to a more normal real estate market where good homes, priced fairly are  selling and overpriced homes are not. This, frankly, avoids the wild swings and makes for a more normal market environment.
Rental market is staying solid. Good homes are still renting quickly. Rental prices have increased and there is not a lot of inventory. If you can’t or don’t want to sell your home, now is a great time to rent it. For a free evaluation of what your property will rent for please contact our office and we would be happy to assist you.
Maintenance Tip:
Change your furnace filter every couple of months. It will lower your energy bill. Also, PG&E will do an energy audit of your home and give you tips on how to weatherize your home and save money. Have a great summer.
John R. Perchak

Perchak Report – January 2014

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. 2013 could turn out to be a pivotal year in the slow but sure turn around for the US economy. Stock market was up considerably, real estate market had a rebound year and the Fed is finally starting to ween us off of the stimulus by reducing the buy back by 10 billion per month. Hopefully 2014 will continue the turn around. Interest rates remain reasonably stable for mortgages at around 4.25% making it affordable to take out a loan.
For our valued clients considering purchasing another investment property or constructing a 1031 trade to another property please contact us and we would be happy to do a rental analysis for you to determine what your new property will rent for. We are always here to help.
Tip Of The Month:
Both a blend of stocks and real estate are the way to successful wealth building. Keep your eye on the ball and keep grinding away. Make the world a better place, help out your fellow man whenever and wherever you can.
Have a great 2014,
John Perchak

Perchak Report – October 2013

As I mentioned earlier this year the real estate market here in the Bay Area was on fire, multiple offers, sales prices considerably over asking price etc.. I also mentioned I felt it would not last. However, I did not think it would happen so quickly. I thought the market would slow down in 2014 or possibly 2015. However, the market has already started to experience some head winds. Properties are taking longer to sell and I’m starting to see price reductions advertised. Good quality, well priced homes are selling but the others are not. I think the reason it slowed quicker than I thought is that interest rates have risen, making it harder to qualify and the general economy is still very sluggish making it a more difficult decision for the consumer to take that big plunge and buy a home.
Free Service:
If you are thinking of renting your home or investment property, including multiple units, and want to know what the rental value is please contact our office and we will do a complimentary “rental market analysis” of your property and get it to you right away.
Tip Of The Month:
If you are considering hiring Perchak Properties to manage your property please YELP us. You will find some good reviews and some not good reviews. However, if you go to the bottom of the page to filtered review screen you will see many positive reviews and only a few negative ones. I’m very curious as to why the bad reviews continue to pop up on the first page and the good reviews seem to be relegated to the second page where you have to click the filtered review button. I have talked to numerous small business owners like myself and find that the majority of them are skeptical of the YELP reviews. Also, YELP has contacted my office about advertising with their site. I have considered it, but to date, have not done so. I’m wondering what would happen if I did spend money and advertise with YELP if that would help my many positive reviews miraculously surface on the front page. JUST CURIOUS.