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Perchak Report – September 2014

Seems like summer came and went really quickly. As we enter the fall season the real estate sales market has slowed considerably. I’m seeing more price reductions, longer market time and quite a few expired listings coming out weekly. I don’t see a draconian drop in home prices, however, I do see a slowing of the market which is probably healthy because the market was overheated with crazy offers over asking price etc.. which usually portends a bubble and instead of bursting this time it just seems to be correcting without the bust.

Rental market is still pretty strong. However, the property has to be priced right and in good rentable condition. It will probably slow done a bit during the holidays but should be solid until then.

Tip Of The Month:
Check to make sure your smoke detectors are operational as well as the carbon monoxide detector which is now required by law to be in all units. Also, good idea to change your furnace filters at least quarterly to save on your PG&E bill.

Posted by: perchakproperties on September 17, 2014
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